Why Your Cheapest Utility Could Cost You Triple!

Most people know we need water to survive, yet only three percent of the Earth’s water is fresh.  Were you aware that much of it is not fit for human use?

Couple that with a water system that is anywhere from 60-100+ years old, and you begin to understand why your water bill may be going up in the very near future.  These rate hikes are necessary to fix and expand the current water systems, which are crumbling and causing all kinds of issues.

The American Water Works Association forewarned the nation in a report 10 years ago informing us that a “large proportion of US water infrastructure is approaching, or has already reached, the end of its useful life.”

We are pulling groundwater from the Earth faster than it can be replaced.  Our friends at Blue Gold: World Water Wars have given us some tips on how to keep rain water in the soil and rely less on public/private water sources.  These include:  build a rain garden, encourage water run-off to go back into the ground instead out to the streets to the sewer drains, use rain barrels, replace existing hard-scape driveways and walkways with a permeable pavement,  use less water when you can, and if you can, help Michal Kravcik turn the world more green.

Happy #World Water Day!


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