Life Without Franchises

Did you know that the government almost made franchising illegal?

When franchises first came about, they were considered a questionable way of making a living.  Could you imagine driving down the street and not seeing the golden arches on the corner or while hurrying to get to work on time, no being able to pull into a drive-thru to get your favorite cup of java?

In today’s world, it is Network Marketing that is the ‘questionable way of making a living’ and let me tell you what a fabulous business model it is!  Many of the products sold this way are better than what you can buy off the shelf at the local box store and you are helping someone you know, like, and trust earn an income when buying her/his products.  Thanks to the Internet, all you need is a phone and a laptop/tablet and you can work anywhere in the world.  Pretty cool, huh?

Where else can you solve someone’s problem by recommending a product or service you love and use, work part-time while earning full-time money, all while creating the life you want?

Are you being paid what your worth?  Do the folks at your j-o-b give you recognition and make you feel special?  Are you working with your best friends?


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