The Real Secret to Sending Cards In The Mail So They Arrive On Time

You need to buy a birthday card.  At the store, you find a card where you like the picture on the outside, but don’t like the message on the inside, or vice versa.  Once you find a card you like, you flip it over and experience sticker-shock.  How much?  It’s just a card, right?  Eventually, you settle on one that will do, in your price range, and you buy it.  When you get home, either you forget to sign it or you’re out of stamps.  The darn thing just sits on your desk, unsigned, and doesn’t get mailed.  Does this sound familiar?

The cards in the store are expensive, the selection is limited, you still need stamps and must plan ahead to shop, select a card, buy it, sign it and get it in the mail five days ahead of time.

Did you know there’s a better way?

Here’s how most people avoid this problem of getting cards and gifts in the mail, on time, for birthdays, anniversaries, and the holidays.

There is an online system that has 15,000 cards to choose from or you can create your own!  You select a card, right from your computer, type your message (in your own handwriting), upload photos and personalize it the way you want, sign it, add a gift or gift card if you would like, address it (only once, the system will remember for next time or better yet, upload all your contacts), then click send.

The system will print it, stuff it, stamp it and mail it for you, all for about $1.

Wherever you are, as long as you have Internet access, you can send a card and never be late for another special occasion or holiday again!  The system will even remind you of upcoming birthdays and anniversaries, plus you can schedule cards ahead of time, up to a year in advance.

Do you see how much simpler your life could be?    

Would you like to test-drive this system for free?



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