Giving Dad a Fond Farewell

This is the talk I gave at the Memorial Service for my father.
I thought I would share it with all of you today,
the one year anniversary of his passing.
 Good morning!
In every life a little rain must fall.  Showers and storms are a reminder for us to appreciate the rainbows, the sunny days;  the good times.
Today we celebrate a rainbow shining beautifully over his pot of gold.
Jeff Olsen share with us in ‘The Slight Edge’ some statistics about how, on average, 10 people will cry at a person’s funeral and afterwards, if it’s raining, only 50% of the attendees will go to the burial.
Now, I know there are some dear friends and family members who could not be here with us today, and I would like to give a shout out to them.
At this time, I am asking you to please, take a moment and look around you ~ go ahead.  Those in the front, turn around and look behind you…it’s OK.  Do you see how full this church is?
You made the time to be here, which tells me Dad meant something to you, and that is significant ~ you are dad’s friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, classmates, golf buddies, Fantasy Football opponents, or gathered with him at the Manhattan Club. Perhaps you volunteered, were members of the Elks Club, or were in the marching bad together, or you talked about a book you both read or were in the same bowling league.
Dad was always fair, did what he said he would, loved to have fun, and enjoyed playing golf.  I couldn’t tell you the number of nights we spent at the Elks Club, or at a friend’s house, where my folks hung out with friends and family, eating, drinking, telling stories, and having fun.
Dad lived for golf
Some of my fondest memories are from the various trips we took:  we went snowmobiling and would play card games such as ‘spoons’ and ‘knock-knock’ around a big kitchen table in the A-frame.  Another trip, this time when we went to the beach in New Jersey and had Cherry-stone Clams and cheese steak subs.
Another favorite:  Christmas Eve Open House ~ the oyster stew that was too hot to eat.  How many of you burnt your tongue?  Right?  You’re smart people though, you learned.  Many of you would come in the door, grab a bowl, go set it to the side somewhere while you talked and visited with friends.  Eventually, you would retrieve your bowl and sit down and could then enjoy Dad’s oyster stew!
I’m sure you have fond memories of your time spent with both Dad and Mom, and in a few minutes, when we are over having lunch at Inlet Affairs, I invite you to share your favorite story with me.
My hope for you today is that you will know the depth of my gratitude and appreciation of you ~ this church is filled with beautiful people and you chose to have Dad in your life and for that, I am forever grateful.
For the Father’s out there who have a daughter, you know how special that bond is, and I will always be “Daddy’s Little Girl”.
Thank you!

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