Nourish More Than Your Body

As we move into the holidays, I want to talk a bit about self-care and encouraging you to make time for yourself.
Fresh air and sunshine are food.  They nurture our body and soul.  Being out in nature connects us with our spiritual side, reunites us with Mother Earth, gives us peace and quiet, leaves us alone with our thoughts, enlivens our senses, and stokes our metabolism.  Be curious about what kind of bird you see or what is making the sound you hear.
We need to move our bodies ~ why not do it outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air?   
The fresh air fills our lungs, the oxygen fuels our metabolism, and it makes us aware of what is going on around us. The movement helps release the tension in our bodies and lowers our stress levels.  Autumn is a great time to get in the garden, fertilize our yard and plants, cut back bushes and trees, rake leaves, put up the holiday lights, and be thankful for all the splendor.  Take the time to really notice the colors all around you, the warmth of the sun on your body, and the coolness when you move into a shady spot.
I don’t know about yours, but grilling at this time a year still happens at my house.  There’s something fun about the crunch of leaves under foot as you tend to the food cooking over the coals; the aroma of charcoal mixed with red meat is mouthwatering!
If you feel the mid-day slump coming on at work, take a 10-15 minute walk.  Help ease the muscles after being slumped over your computer screen by standing and rotating your shoulders in one direction, then the other.  Take a break from the task at hand, get away from your desk, get a cup of tea or a mug of bone broth, and you just might come back with a new thought on how to move forward with your assignment.  The oxygen will boost your brain performance and get you back in the game.  You’ll have your answer to the question you’ve been pondering or a fresh focus for finishing out the work day.

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