Welcome to National Diabetes Awareness Month and My Story

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month here in the US. 
Each day this month, I will be bringing you tidbits of information to help you discover what diabetes is, what you can do to help prevent it, and what folks who have already been diagnosed can do to begin their journey toward reversing the disease.
Why am I passionate about diabetes, it’s prevention, and reversal?
Over the years, I heard about older family members being diagnosed with diabetes.  They didn’t live nearby, so I only heard bits and pieces about the disease at family gatherings.
It wasn’t until I had gestational diabetes with two of my three pregnancies that I started taking notice.  Despite not having it with my last pregnancy, this baby still experienced problems at birth.  I took a long time to leave recovery after his delivery, and my husband was worried sick as our youngest son was whisked away for care.  Hubby was alone and scared.  He didn’t understand what was going on, and I wasn’t there to explain things or give him comfort.  It was a difficult day despite the joy we felt for bringing our last baby into this world.  
I knew that having gestational diabetes meant that I would be more prone to becoming diabetic in the future.  New research now shows that my children are more likely to become diabetic because of my gestational diabetes.  This is frightening!  No mother in her right mind wants to put her child at risk!
What’s a mother to do?
Health and wellness had always been a passion of mine, and so I did what I normally do and dove into the research.  Becoming a vegetarian and exercising on the greenway, for an hour, four times per week, was my solution. Sure, I lost some weight and toned up, but my cholesterol was not that of a healthy person.  Unfortunately, it did not make me a healthier person.
When my lab results came back in August of 2017, my cholesterol numbers hadn’t changed much; certainly not significantly. Eating a vegetarian diet for five and one-half years and exercising four days a week was supposed to turn me into a lean, mean, fighting machine.  I remember sitting there with this sick feeling of dread, wondering what was I going to do? 
What did I discover?  
It was time to go back to the drawing board.  What did I do?  More research, of course!  What were other people doing that were giving them the results I was looking for? I discovered that I was pre-diabetic! Say it isn’t so?!!  That’s when my journey to become a health coach came to fruition.  I wanted to take back my health and help others do the same!  That’s exactly what I’ve done! 

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