Entertaining Glutes, Excellent Guitars, and Expressive Guys!

Today I am thankful for guys shaking their backsides on stage…  

Yes.  Yes, I am.  Who doesn’t appreciate a sexy backside? ?

Bryan Adams with his guitarists, shaking their backsides on stage
Happy birthday and blessed Yule to me!

Seriously though, I am truly thankful that I got to see my favorite band from the 4th row!  It will be one of my favorite birthday/Yule presents of all time! 

Seeing Bryan Adams twice in one year, in Virginia no less, is pretty incredible!  It isn’t often that Bryan comes to my neck of the woods, and who knows how long he’ll keep touring? With that in mind, I’m grateful I got to see the #ShineALightTour [as] up close and personal [as I’ll probably ever be]. 

What an amazing night!  

First, the venue was fantastic. Second, merchandise pricing was reasonable. Third, we had a scrumptious dinner before the concert, and finally, the location for the hotel could not have been any more perfect!  

For instance, we walked to the Mexican restaurant where we had dinner, and the concert venue was only a seven minute drive from the hotel.  Subsequently, our room was a suite with a lovely sitting area.  Equally important, the breakfast they had, which is free with the room, is more substantial than most other hotels.  Above all, getting to Starbucks the next morning for drinks for the trip home was just as close! 

Actually, speaking of the trip home… We got to stop and visit with our oldest son. He works about 1.75 hours away from where we live. Without a doubt, it was a real treat for our schedules to mesh in such a way that he was free to have a meal with us as we passed by his stomping grounds!  

To sum it all up, it was a trip I’ll cherish forever! 

In fact, there is a gorgeous human that I must send a very special thank you ? to, @cancer_phase, for his extremely important role in helping this night be incredible!  Undeniably, you are loved and appreciated my friend! 

Equally important, what is going on in your world that you are acknowledging on this #ThankfulThursday? Care to share? In addition, what’s going well in your life? Let’s cheer one another on and celebrate! I would love it if you would share in the comments below ⬇️!

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