Immunity for BioTech companies

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there is a rider in the 2013 Agriculture Appropriations Bill which would would require — not just allow, but require — the Secretary of Agriculture to grant a temporary permit for the planting or cultivation of a genetically engineered crop, even if a federal court has ordered the planting be halted […]

Mother Vs. Monsanto

This story warms my heart!  Guess who wins? Considering how there is a revolving door between Monsanto and the government, our fight is a bit more challenging, however, I know we can be the change we wish to see! Photo by:   sil007        

Green Is the New Normal?

I’m reminded of what life was like for my grandparents and great grandparents.  Life was simpler back then. They cooked from scratch and made the most of what they had.  My grandmother would make a scrumptious meal, complete with a dessert, every night.  She even had a way of making leftovers taste extraordinary!   Every extra  little bit of […]