Sunshine As Fuel

We had record rainfall amounts in 2018 making me low on Vitamin D.

I’ll be adding supplements on the days when I won’t be out in the sunshine. ☀️

Our bodies turn sunshine into Vitamin D, but when we don’t get out in the sun, we must then rely on other sources for this important Vitamin.

It’s healthy for us to be out in nature, breathing in fresh air and enjoying the warmth of the sun on our skin for 15-20 minutes each day.

Get outside ~ splash in the puddles, have a snowball battle, pack a picnic, or enjoy the magic of lightening bugs.

If the 3 PM slump gets you down, go outside for a 10-15 minute walk.

Try your hand at gardening ?on the weekends, or grill your dinner ?outdoors some evenings.

If you truly enjoy the outdoors, pitch a tent, or a hammock, and sleep out under the stars. ?

There you have several easy ways to incorporate sunshine into your week.


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