Relationship Marketing

Recently, I was asked the question, “What makes my job interesting?”  Wow!  Where do I start?

A couple of months ago, I logged in to my Facebook account and saw the message indicator lit with a number 1, letting me know someone had sent me a message.  The message was from a friend who was completely surprised, delighted, and

appreciative of the simple fact that I had remembered his birthday.  It had taken but a moment to send him a heartfelt card complete with photos of him and those in his life.  I then added a box of cookies and had the card and cookies arrive a day or two in advance of his special day.  He was thrilled because of an early birthday present he had received, and I was giddy at being the reason for his happiness for that one moment in time!  It truly is better to give than to receive!

That, my friends, is relationship marketing.   It’s an incredible thing!  I am building relationships one word, one card, one photo, and one gift at a time.  We all have an invisible sticky note on our foreheads that says, “Make me feel special.”  This is how I do it.

How do you build your relationships?  How do you make your clients and prospective clients feel special?




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