What’s Your Needle Mover?

For me it isn’t about losing a lot of weight.

When I became a vegetarian, I lost a big chunk of weight pretty immediately. While eating a plant based diet, my cholesterol hardly improved while my weight loss was noticeable. Sure, the numbers moved slightly, but vegetarianism was not the needle mover I needed for my lipid panel.

When you’re grandfather dies of a heart attack in his 40’s

And you never got to meet him, it kind of sticks in the back of the brain. Turning 50 was a big deal for me for two reasons.  One, I lived longer than granddad, so yay me!  Secondly, I had read in Prevention magazine many moons ago where scientists had found evidence that if you could make it to age 50 without any major medical problems, there’s a very good chance you’ll love to be old, and that is what I desire, if I can do it with all my faculties in good health.

We have a running joke that I’ll outlive the Tribe because I’m so anal about taking care of myself.

After yet another year of not improving my triglycerides and HDL (cholesterol), I had had enough.
I was doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results.  Something had to change! I had been hearing about keto ~ it was in my Facebook feed, various folks we’re eating this way and seeing good results, so I did what I normally do.  I asked questions and did tons of research. I read books, and I pondered.  Did I want to give up being a vegetarian and go back to eating meat? I mulled this over with great seriousness! This would be a big change for me! It had to sit right in my heart. I had to be okay with this decision holistically ~ body, mind, & soul.

Once I decided to change my way of eating, I went all in.

I relearned how to make things in ways that we’re better for my body. Eating beef was easier on me than chicken at first. I took enzymes with meals to help my body better digest things. Now I don’t use enzymes much, but do keep them around for when heartburn or indigestion flare.

Start with one meal

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. For the next week, focus on that one meal and get used to it being low carb or keto. Once you have a handle on that, choose a second meal of the day to fold into the low carb/keto mix. Now you have two thirds of your meals working for you, giving you energy, clearing the brain fog, and keeping you feeling full for longer periods of time. When you’re ready, take that last meal and convert it over to low carb/keto.

 This also means cooking at home. steak raw w/ kitchen knife on ice

Don’t despair!  There are plenty of recipes you can make in 30 minutes!  It may also mean dusting off the crockpot or investing in an instapot or airfryer. Yes, you can still eat out!  Order your burger without a bun.  Some restaurants will put it in a lettuce wrap for you.  Other fast food places allow you to buy burgers a la cart or will give you an extra burger patty since you aren’t getting the bun. Get chicken grilled, get the salad with meat on top, or order the steak. Instead of fries or potato, get veggies or a side salad.

Don’t be surprised when you reach a point of only eating two meals a day.

It’s perfectly okay. The longer I ate this way, the less hungry I became.  Carbs make you hungry and many processed foods are designed to be so tasty, you eat more than you normally would. In fact, they’ve been created to taste so incredibly good that they tend to have an addictive quality about them, which keeps coming back and buying them frequently. Who benefits from this? Big Food.  They weasel their way in to your taste buds and taking more and more of your hard earned money because you want the thing, whatever it is.

 I remember my hubby, who was doing his own research at the time, asking me if I would fast.

I shook my head and said no. Well, I eventually ate my words. I lied.  To spice things up a bit, I chose to fast for 12 hours each night.  I decided once I finished eating for the night, I wouldn’t eat again for 12 hours. If I finished eating dinner by 7 PM then I wouldn’t eat again til 7 AM or after the next day.

Seeing the fat disappear had me hooked!whale in the ocean

The more I read, the more I leaned on fasting for longer periods, so now I fast for 15-16 hours each night.  This isn’t something you have to do. Watching the felt melt away is a bit of an adrenaline rush for me.  Looking in the mirror and seeing flat, toned skin where rolls of fat used to be is an extremely good incentive for me to keep going!  Days when I’m really busy, I’ll fast for 21 hours before eating again. I have energy! I can go and do and not feel like a couch potato. It’s a beautiful thing!

 To begin, start slow

Especially if you’re diabetic. One meal at a time. You’ll need to #dumpthejunk as Robyn O’Brien likes to say.  You’ll need to restock the pantry, get new recipes, and cook.

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