Small Business Sale Part 2

Where in your life would you like to have more abundance ~ income, happiness, health, relationships, spirituality, or revenue streams?

We start  Jan 7th, 2020.  Registration is open ~  28 Days of Time To Thrive Abundant AF 28 day Challenge  January 2020.
Now is a good time to set yourself up for success.Large tree with sunshine pouring in from above

Register today. Investment $100.

Bring a friend!

Come get abundant with us!!!


~ Daily prompts
~ Motivation and accountability.
~ Three coaching sessions with a certified Holistic Life & Health coach via Zoom
~ Support in a private group (safe space) on Whats App where you can ask questions, cheer each other on, and build a THRIVING community.
Will you exist or THRIVE?
Offer ends 11:59 PM on 12/2/19

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