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Episode 3 Breathwork ~ energized!

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Explanation: Today we are looking at ways to care for our immune system during cold and flu season.

Go ahead and take some nice, deep belly breaths ~ really stick that belly out, while I share my disclaimer.
Disclaimer This Podcast is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered medical or clinical advice. Consult a medical professional or therapist before making any major physical or mental health decisions.

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Show Notes:

Max Lugavere has a great analogy. If our brain is a forest, then things like brain fog and chronic fatigue are small, localized fires while chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and vascular dementia are four alarm blazes in your brain. Our immune system does the best it can to fight off infections, but let’s face it, when we feed our bodies garbage, what do we expect? The foods Americans typically eat have our immune system working around the clock. {GF p.38-9} It’s like the old computer adage: garbage in = garbage out.

If you are someone who gets a cold or two every winter or the flu every year, then this episode may help. Also, if you have one of the top three lifestyle diseases: obesity, diabetes, or heart disease, it’s more likely that you do in fact come down with a cold or flu more frequently.

There are two factors that we will look at today. The first one will be Stress and the second one is which foods you can eat in order to help your body, and more specifically, your mitochondria, do what they need to do to keep you well.

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain, or tension, resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances; pressure or tension exerted on a material object.

When the Central Nervous System is activated by stress, like you just saw a snake near your front door, here is what goes on in your body ~ your heart rate speeds up; your blood pressure goes up; respiration quickens; adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol are released; blood flow is routed to the arms and legs; and your digestive system shuts down. You’re getting ready to flee essentially. The brain can’t differentiate between real and imagined stress, therefore, it doesn’t know if you are running from a bear or if you are just overworked. The meal that you just ate becomes a lump in your stomach.

What does your body look like on stress? There’s a very long laundry list of things that happen. I will highlight ones you may be most familiar with. Listen for the ones that hit home for you ~ increase in cortisol production, a decrease in nutrient absorption, a decrease in gut flora populations, increase in salt retention, decrease in thermic efficiency ~ this is your ability to burn calories, a decrease in thyroid hormone, increase in blood cholesterol, an increase in blood platelet aggregation ~ which can lead to heart disease, there’s a decrease in sex hormones, an increase in inflammation, an increase in food sensitivities and allergies, which means your main immunity goes down and can promote leaky gut. There’s an increase in Hyaluronic acid production ~ which can lead to ulcers, a decrease in growth hormone, so your body has difficulty healing and rebuilding body tissue, which leads to early aging, and there is an increase in insulin resistance, an increase in risk of osteoporosis, and a decrease in mitochondria, so the energy in your cells goes down and can be part of chronic fatigue.

Stress affects the big five. Health, Money, Career, Love/Relationships, and That Which is Greater. There is this paradigm that says, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” Being stressed affects all of these things in your life. It’s disempowering. One of the goals of this podcast is to help transform you so that you feel good, you are empowered and that you find ways to affirm what is best for you so that you can be your best version of yourself each and every day.

Your ability to cope with stress, requires habit change. Authorities believe that stress is the single biggest cause of all diseases and lifestyle challenges, including heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cravings, chronic dieting, compulsive or binge eating, and body image issues. It is fairly common that when you’re stressed you feel stuck, frustrated, upset, at a crossroads, feeling defeated, hopeless, or overwhelmed. Something is occurring in your health that you don’t want. Deleting lifestyle diseases is a huge goal I am on a mission to help make happen!

If the number one needle mover in my clients health is to decrease stress and/or learn how to cope better with stress, then it follows that I, as a Coach, must discover what my client’s top stressor is, so I can help my client reduce it.

One way I help clients reduce stress, that is big enough to make a huge difference, that is big enough to move the needle for her is balancing her blood sugar. If we can get the blood sugar balanced in my client, this leads to weight loss and a gain in energy. Having less stress can resolve digestive issues, heal adrenal fatigue, overcome binge and emotional eating, cravings diminish, they can be more comfy in their own skin, have better sex, and experience true happiness and deep satisfaction. We’ll go into this more in depth next month for Diabetes Awareness Month.

Let’s dive into food after this break….

Moving on to foods, this is from Sally Fallon Morrell’s talk. Vitamin A is essential for the production of T-cells, Sources include: desiccated liver pills, liver pate, Cod liver oil,
If you can eat liver once a week, it protects from infectious diseases. One way to try liver if you aren’t a fan is to take a small amount, 2 ounces, and mix it in with other meats and eat it that way. What you want is the EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids, which are often missing from the Standard American way of eating. Cod liver oil can come in a pill so you don’t like taking the liquid form, you can get it in pill form. There are recommended brands in the show note and you can find them on the Weston A. Price website, which is also linked in the show notes. Back during World War II they actually used this to protect themselves against measles and the flu. Thankfully, you can also find it in butter, eggs, caviar, and fatty fish. To go along with the vitamin A, you want to include some vitamin D. They need each other.

Vitamin D is the mediator between our bodies components that fight infection and those that offset inflammation. Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with many autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s (sher/gren) syndrome, and thyroiditis. It comes in capsules you can get it from poultry liver, cod liver oil, fermented foods. it’s found in fruits and vegetables it can be in a powder plant form it helps your adrenal glands and prevents from scurvy. Also found in bone broth which is high in glycine ~ our number one detoxifier. Especially good for your lungs and protects from respiratory diseases and supports digestive health. Chicken soup, real bone broth, you can get this frozen if you don’t want to make it, it’s found and whole chickens in their feet and hands sorry feet and hands and helps to illuminate crowfeet. My understanding is there is more collagen in our bodies than actual bone.

Eating fermented foods like kimchi, nato, sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir help our immune system to decipher friend from foe, and patch up any holes or leaks in our gut, which means no more leaky gut! {GF 194-5}

Coconut oil protects our bodies from all kinds of diseases. 1 tablespoon per day is recommended. I put it in my hot coffee or hot tea each day. MCT oil doesn’t have the lauric acid that coconut oil does. Lauric acid is a medium-chain fatty acid that has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti fungal agents. Your body converts the Lauric acid to monolaurin and fights against bacteria, pathogens, viruses, and gives your immunity a boost by increasing the production of T-cells. Lauric acid is found in breast milk, butterfat, coconut oil, and palm kernel oil. Lauric acid helps fight off viruses, bacterias, and parasites. The viruses it helps fight off include herpes, measles and HIV; Bacterias such as listeria, which causes food poisoning, and a strain of staph and strep. Parasites as in guardias lamblia, which causes gastroenteritis.
Your lungs need saturated fat to work well. These oils are solid at room temperature ~ butter, lard, coconut oil, cheese, meat, and fat, egg yolks, and cream.

Polyunsaturated oils are industrial seed oils. Also known as seed oils and should be avoided. They don’t come from vegetables. They’re just called vegetable oils. Back in 1913, they changed the name to make it sound better. They are actually made out of seeds ~ canola oil made from rapeseeds, corn, soy beans, safflower. They are high processed and are not good for you. Avoid them!

Fructose and High Fructose Corn Syrup are very damaging to the liver because they must be processed in the liver and research has shown they damage the liver much like diets high in alcohol, thus Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

Genius Foods by Max Lugavere
A healthy gut biome consists of hundreds, if not thousands, of different strains of bacteria, which helps our body know what is friend versus foe. Allergies and other autoimmune diseases develop when our body gets confused and mistakes ‘us’ as foe and starts attacking our very own bodies instead of protecting us like its supposed to. {GF p. 187-188}

Research has uncovered that chronic stress can trigger our immune system, causing inflammation in our brain, kind of like the brain was treating stress like it was an infection. {GF p 265}

Pay attention to when you get bouts of diarrhea. What have you been eating? This is one way your body lets you know that it may be ‘under attack’. Keep a food journal and pinpoint which foods may be giving your body issues. {GFp. 191}

Great ways to encourage a diverse guy biome:
~ avoid antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers
~ get outside
~ drink quality water
~ Shower less frequently or use soap more sparingly.
~ Wash your hair once or twice a week.
~ Buy organic produce as much as possible
~ Take broad-spectrum antibiotics only when necessary
~ Adopt a rescue dog. It’s a great way to increase the diverseness of your microbes in your home and your gut.
~ Eat 20 minute meals. Set a timer and eat slowly. Be mindful and gradually reach the point where it takes you 20 minutes to eat both of your meals. {GF p.203-4}

LDL in the blood can either be big and fluffy like cotton candy, which is the optimal kind, or it can be small and sticky, the harmful form. When LDL finds its way inside a blood vessel wall, our bodies release cytokines, which signals to your body it has in intruder. The body responds by sending out immune cells that gather around the place where the LDL penetrated and creates a foam cell. Think of it as a scab. If LDL keeps breaking into the walls of our arteries, and more foam cells gather along the same area of the blood vessel, it becomes more and more narrow, making it difficult for blood to get through. This becomes what is known as atherosclerosis, and can lead to heart attacks or vascular dementia, which are itty-bitty strokes in the brain. {GF p. 132}

When we come back from break, we’ll explore how we do things in the Treehouse…

What do we do in the Treehouse?

We have tweaked things to the point we rarely get sick. Nvictus used to be quite unhealthy, having antibiotics prescribed two to four times a year. Now, thankfully, he’s gone years without an upper respiratory infection. That’s how neglected his poor body was. Needless to say, his immune system has come a long way!

How do we handle stress? We are fortunate enough to see nature from floor-to-ceiling windows. When we look out, we see various kinds of deciduous trees, cedar trees, rhododendrons, azaleas, and frequently get to watch the antics of the chipmunks and squirrels throughout our day while deer come by regularly. This time of year the leaves flutter and fall then when the wind blows, it looks like it’s snowing leaves. It’s relaxing to have such a vista out our windows. When night falls, during the summer, we get visits from various night time moths, wasps, and other flying insects. This year we experienced two different types of cicadas. Geez was it noisy!

I love being outside, and the dogs enjoy going with me. Walking the property with them is always fun. I work from our back patio as often as the weather will allow me to. It’s my happy place. This fall I’m going to incorporate the concept of sisu, and hygge even, by working outside from the patio by incorporating candles, blankets, and pillows, plus hot beverages. It’ll be fun!

Meditation is something I turn to to help keep me grounded and more relaxed. I’m a huge fan of Vishen’s six-phase meditation! It works incredibly well for my ADHD brain.

Essential oils is another way to release stress and unwind. I run my diffuser daily in my office. We have roller balls for headache relief and cramps. Our daughter wears a necklace which she applies essential oils to, which helps keep her calm. I like the Wild Orange in my water during the day and always carry a bottle with me when traveling.

Wine. Can I just say that first, WineText has not steered me wrong. Yes, this is an affiliate link and if you buy this from me, I get free shipping. Their recommendations are spot on, and we’ve enjoyed all kinds of wine from them this pandemic! I was not much of a connoisseur til I joined their texting platform. Second, I’m still a rum girl and Nvictious has found great ways to make me mixed drinks using Bai sugar free drinks as a mixer. He takes me back to the Caribbean with each one! We have always had a great time making Sangria, but I have to say, after going to Spain last summer, we still have lots to learn! The sangria there is incredible!

I’m a huge fan of professional massages, but since Covid, we stay in the Treehouse and do it ourselves. Sex is another fun way to relax, reconnect, and get revitalized.

Gaming is big for the other Treehouse dwellers; Video games help them work through stress and the RPG brings forth their creativity and imagination. not me. I settle in and practice Sketchnotes or read. Painting and coloring are other fun activities we’ve done more of. Frequently I will grab my Human Design book and dive in for a couple of hours. Reading is a great respite for all of us.

We are a house divided when it comes to watching movies or TV shows. It is not my favorite, but I will join in for a family night of watching a movie when our daughter is home from college or when someone else is watching a movie that interests me. Currently, Code and I are watching “Blacklist“ on our Date Nights. James Spader is spectacular! It’s nice to snuggle in and relax for a bit. Typically, we are joined by both Romulus and Sawyer, who snores loudly through the episodes. It’s rather funny if not quite endearing. Along those same lines, I prefer documentaries, which Nvictious is willing to endure when I choose to watch one and totally geek out.

Where do you carry your stress? I carry mine in my shoulders, which then goes to my lower back when I’m super stressed. Frequently, I check in to see how high my shoulders are. This reminds me to lower them away from my ears.

How do we incorporate the foods mentioned earlier? I tweak and change things up when it comes to my ways of eating. N=1, right? Butter I’m willing to try again and see how my body does. Eggs I eat for brunch fairly often these days and now that it’s soup weather, we make a breakfast soup which you poach eggs in, and it is super tasty! link to Carolyn’s book Again, this is an affiliate link and if you buy this from me, I get a little money for the local coffee bar (not enough for a trip abroad).Fish is not my favorite. There are a few varieties I like: whiting, perch, and orange roughy, which can get pricey. Nvictous is the only other one who will eat fish in the family, so it’s not something we buy or make very often. I’d rather eat shrimp or lobster tails.

Fermented foods are growing on me. We were going to dabble in making our own kefir sodas this week. Unfortunately, we can’t get our hands on half-gallon sized jars, so this will have to wait. Sad face We’ve made our own pickles, and I have cabbage that I’m willing to add salt and make sauerkraut with this week. Kefir and yogurt are good, but with a growing teenager in the house, this can quickly eat into the grocery budget. Bone broth we make in the crockpot ourselves and freeze it. Now that soup weather is here, we’ll make lots of bone broth to use in our soups. It also goes well in any recipe that calls for bouillon.

We just bought a quarter of a cow, which we pick up Today. Having the freezer stocked for a few months will make life so much simpler!

Some of the latest science coming out about plant based oils has me shifting to using meat based fats when cooking: bacon grease, and pork lard, tallow, are my two favorites, and we still like butter and coconut oil, Avocado oil is really the only other oil we use in the Treehouse. We do have olive oil and evoo (extra virgin olive oil), but seldom use them.

The family loves their cheese, which they often have at lunchtime. I eat my vegan cheese when I’m feeling it. If you ever hear Code say I’m vegan, that’s what he’s referring to. I tend to fill them up on meat at dinner.

Fructose and HFCS 80% of packaged foods has some form of sugar in it. These foods don’t do your body any good nor do they contain any essential nutrients in them that you can’t get from other foods. Plus, I am not a fan of the big four chemical corporations and prefer not to give them any of my money. Shopping the perimeter of the grocery store, and cooking at home is best. Nutritious dinners can be made in 20-30 minutes. We do it all the time!

For supplements, I take Cod Liver Oil pills, Berberine, mVitamin D3, mulit-vitamin, and a B Complex. We keep probiotics in the house; we travel with them especially. We use activated charcoal when our stomachs are feeling off. At the first sign of a cough, yucky nose, sore throat, we take Umcka Cold Care. I swear by this stuff!

Our soaps are a mixture of ones we’ve made, others that are made locally, and Code found a company that is targeting men for their natural soaps that we are trying out. I’ll do a future episode on our Homesteading projects.

Like most Americans, we don’t get outside in the sunshine enough.

We have softened water and drink reverse osmosis water. My first husband was a Culligan Man, and I saw first hand the benefits of having water treatment equipment in the house. One of the best things about Covid has been not showering as frequently and washing our hair less.

Going back to garbage in = garbage out, we buy the best food we can afford to buy.

Touch, laughter, and hugs are important to incorporate into your day-to-day. I think this is what a lot of folks are missing thanks to the pandemic. If you can, pets are lovely addition to the family that help with those needs. We have three rescue dogs who make life fun. The nights they keep us up ‘cause they’ve either decided to pull an all-nighter, or ‘cause they’ve hogging the bed, we lose valuable sleep, which makes for some cranky humans some days. However, their excitement when we come home from getting groceries makes my heart happy! They have such happy tails, give warm snuggles, give excited morning kisses, and the unconditional love they give us is priceless.

Coaching segment

I’ll be back with my favorite segment right after this break…

W00T! 🎉 Now for my favorite segment, spotlighting your wins of the week in:
What’s going well?..
Stew shared that since joining Mindvalley in August, he has a daily meditation practice and has lost 26 pounds while Kate is noticing the small ways in which the Universe is showing up for her and that is what she is celebrating. Big shout outs to __Stew __and _Kate____ for taking a moment to celebrate their baby steps towards their goals Thanks for sharing! Please be sure to send in your wins so that I may share them on the air and celebrate with you.

Thank you for listening to Life in the Treehouse with Suz Ashley. If you like our show and want to know more check out for the show notes and links to everything that was mentioned in today’s episode. Join us next week when we talk about “becoming true to our dreams, laying the groundwork for 2021”

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