Season 2, Episode 4

Mornings Musings 3/3/2021

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Hey Humans!
How’s life?
I hope this episode finds you well. 🙂
We are back for another season and I could not be more pleased!

You have been missed, and I’m looking forward to our time together.

A heads-up. I am recording this outside on the patio today at the Treehouse. You may hear birds, dogs, an airplane went by earlier, and who knows what else, so just to give you a heads-up.

Hello to my regulars and a very warm welcome to the Treehouse for anyone who might be new here!
Thanks for stopping by!
I’m super excited that we’re back together again!

Let’s take a moment. Take a deep breath in for four and out for four. Very good! Let’s do that one more time, in for four and out for four.

Thank you so much for making the time to stop by the Treehouse! How was that breathing? Did it feel good? Yeah? Awesome!

Today I wanted to share some morning musings that I had the other day about how we’re all connected.

Each one of us is a unique puzzle piece in this paradoxical puzzle called life.

We come into this world, unique, with 10 little fingers and 10 little toes, and we’re this perfect little human. As we grow, we get conditioned by the environment around us. Whether it’s our parents, grandparents whoever our guardians are, our family, friends, , neighbors, teachers, other students. All this conditioning really varies who we authentically are. When we get into our adult years, we start figuring a few things out. My observation is, it’s usually until you’re around age 30, that you really start figuring out that there are other people in this world, and there’s a great big world, and guess what? life isn’t all about you the individual us the person. Those of us who want to improve realize there is room for improvement. We want to get better. We want to be better as a human, as a person, as a spouse, as a partner, a parent, an aunt, or an uncle, a grandparent. We realize there are things we can do in order to become better, and we seek out those ways to get better. Whether it’s something we read, something we watch, maybe we put a podcast on while we’re running errands, anything we can do to de-condition and unearth who we were put on this planet to be. There is a Chinese philosophy that basically says you measure your success in life by the success of others, and Vishen Lakhiani has a saying that is very much along those lines, and of course I can’t find it right now. Something along the lines of life isn’t about you, it’s about all the interactions you have with all the people in your life.

With that in mind, ***

Expected to conform seek approval 125 family friends religión neighbors teachers students peers coaches to be accepted which buries who we authentically are. We live our adult years if we’re smart deconditioning and unearthing who we were put on this planet to be. all mucked up
we all experience childhood trauma whether that’s with a little T or all capital letters.
by age 8 and on into our teen and possibly young adult years, we

financial misadventures as Karen Curry Parker refers to them as. not everyone is good at finances.
P 51. Chinese philosophy u measure ur success in life by the success of others

we are good at some things and thankfully, there are other people who are good at other things,
surround yourself with these people who are good at the things you are not. build a team
don’t have to go it alone

some of us, by design, need people, need their energy to complement us to that we can do great things, complete our energy circuits if you will so we can run full speed.

You are enough

Individuality is causing challenges that I feel could be solved if we took on the mindset of “it takes a village’ ‘cause it does. Expectations is a word I’d like to throw out of our language. Having seems to cause more harm than good. Love the person as is for whom they are

Think about what could happen if we changed our mindset, to doing what is best for everyone, the Collective… how about instead of having healthcare tied to our employment, we have universal health care at all times? What if we had clean water, energy, a good education system, and retirement. I don’t know about you, but at the rate things are going, we are planning to be working as long as possible. Retiring the way our parents have seems like a pipe dream.

With this in mind, I wish to share with you a little bit about a small village in southern Italy. There are some in the know who consider the folks who live in the Pioppi Village to be the healthiest people on earth.
In this small community, there isn’t a gym, nor is there a grocery store.
The fishermen go out each day and bring back enough to feed the whole community plus supply the local restaurants.

They still enjoy a siesta every day, and their nights are noticeably quiet.

Another fun fact to share is that Italians take their espresso very seriously, and the Pioppi people are no different. My observations is they don’t sip coffee all morning like we typically do here in the US. They have a morning espresso than later in the day they pause their day to have another one.

While visiting the village, Dr’s Aseem Malhotra and Donal O’Neill noticed a complete lack of stress among these folks.

To emphasize, the Pioppi people use the greek word Diaita in the village to describe their lifestyle, which they take to include their culture, landscape, quality of life, work, and the sea.

Meanwhile, their work has them moving their bodies, both walking and full body workouts like chopping wood.
It’s natural for their physical activity to allow them to remain strong and toned, keeping their balance, well into their 80’s and beyond. One person in the book is 107 years old. It’s normal to see neighbors willing helping one another when the need arises.

Do you get a sense of community here? Am I painting the picture clearly enough of how they all rely on one another and more importantly, do you see how their quality of life is top notch?

For those of you who travel or have traveled outside the United States, particularly outside North America. What have you noticed about the people of other countries? Many of them, in developed countries, have basic human rights. They have social constructs where they trust one another, and you get a feel for community and commonality. There is warmth and affection. These are my observations. Yours may differ, depending on where you have visited.

Even with Covid, there are videos of folks going to their balconies or rooftops to sing or play instruments. I’m not sure if folks in the big cities here in the US did such things. They may have. I simply am not aware of it.

We are all connected. Everything on this planet is connected. It’s time for us to care for one another. Tik Tok has a huge community of folks looking out for one another, lifting one another up, having each others back. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were nice to one another and to Mother Earth.

What if we took this level of care and collaboration out to those in our circles of influence? What if we invested in one another. How cool would it be If folks were able to have a good job and not have to worry about child care. Wouldn’t it be beneficial If they could have leisure time instead of working two or three jobs just to make ends meet? How wonderful would it be if more folks could experience the beauty of art, the thrill of live music, and the hands-on experience of museums? What if we could access cutting edge health care and a good educational system? What if people didn’t have to worry about not having money to retire? Rising incomes and labor protections should be a given, don’t you think?

By living in a society, here in the US, where it’s all about the individual, and the very idea of Universal Health Care, the fair tax plan, a value-add tax, or a Universal Basic Income is considered taboo, toxic, and would send us spiraling into Communism.

I feel this inability to rely on one another, this lack of connectedness, contributes to the anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and overall lack of well-being in our society. Johann Hari shares in his investigative books how having community, purpose, and meaning helps folks find happiness and fulfillment. We are social beings and if you look at the communities and countries where they rely on one another, they are far richer than we are here in the States.

When we can, let’s help those in our lives ~ help them have meaning and purpose, find happiness and fulfillment.

What kind of society do we want to live in? We all win when everyone has their health, have relationships and friendships and a social life, money and work that inspires them and a connection with god/Spirit/That Which is Greater/the Universe.

In closing, I wish for us to join together, help one another, lift each other up, be there with a helping hand, and be the rising tide that lifts all boats.

I didn’t build the Treehouse, and I can’t put new brakes on my car. I could probably watch enough Youtube videos and figure out how to replace the current toilets. However, I choose to hire a local contractor to install the new toilets, who can do it better, faster, and more easily than I can.

My gifts lie in telling our money where it’s going in my bi-weekly budget. I can cook a fabulous meal, complete with a mouthwatering dessert. I also help folks with reaching their goals and creating the lives they desire.

Will you exist or thrive?

This podcast is for informational purposes only. It should not be considered Health or Mental Health Advice. Consult a health or mental health professional before making any major health decisions.

The Pioppi Diet A 21-Day Lifestyle Plan by Dr Aseem Malhotra and Donal O’Neill

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