Talking About My Passion

Each Wednesday, The Biz Chicks host a 30 minute show on Blog Talk Radio. For the month of November, they are discussing ways to help their clients get ready for the new year. What an honor it was to be on their show discussing SendOutCards and the ways in which it helps folks save time and money!

Green Is the New Normal?

I’m reminded of what life was like for my grandparents and great grandparents.  Life was simpler back then. They cooked from scratch and made the most of what they had.  My grandmother would make a scrumptious meal, complete with a dessert, every night.  She even had a way of making leftovers taste extraordinary!   Every extra  little bit of […]

The Wishing Wall

Wishing Wall Japan800x533

I have been in City Bliss (a coffee bar in downtown Roanoke)  a couple of times before, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I observed their Wishing Wall.  Not knowing anything about it, I asked the young lady behind the counter to explain it to me.   She said that normally the Wishing Walls are outside, but the store […]