Diabetes + Prediabetes + Keto + Low Carb + No Snacking

Thrive in Your Health

Before health coaching, some of my cholesterol numbers were not good, despite my efforts, and the actions I was taking were not improving my triglycerides or HDL with any significance.  Not until I changed my diet did they go in the right direction with noticeable improvement. Another area of improvement has been with my body image. Despite losing three dress sizes, my perceived and actual body images were not matching.  There has been a significant shift in how I perceive my body image and is something I continue to work on. When it comes to lifestyle, once again, I have made yoga a priority and am grateful to be practicing once again!

I was flying to a conference, listening to a Tony Robbins podcast, when they mentioned health coaches.  Wait! What? There are coaches that help people with their health? After the conference, I did some research and lo and behold, I could combine my love for helping people with my passion for health and wellness.  Needless to say, I found the best school for me and enrolled immediately!

By going from a vegetarian diet to a ketogenic diet, my lipid panel and blood sugar levels have improved significantly.  Going from a size 18 to a 12, I’ve had to shift my body image perception. I am much better now at seeing myself at my current size then I did previously.  Thanks to school and the continuous research I do, I’m finding what food choices are best for my body. Another way I am living my best self is prioritizing the exercise I do, coming in the forms of yoga and time spent on the greenways.  I live in a picturesque treehouse with my tribe and couldn’t be happier!

red panda by Lance Anderson